Full Year Programe

Full Year Programe

Doubt Clearing Classes : You will be called time to time to attend doubt clearing session. While studying at home or School, you feel still doubts remains. No worry our team of faculty with huge experience will remove all your doubts.
Classroom Test Series : Test series is conducted to rate a students. Writing test is a good practice to judge how effectively and efficiently you have studied. Our test papers are prepared by the highly experienced and completely dedicated faculty team.
Information Update : You will be updated with information on courses, colleges, scholarships, admissions in your login ID. You are requested to contact us for any assistance related to information update before the last date.
Career Counselling : Career counseling is one of the major part while studying in 12th class. One need to be get counseled for a better career. We are a leading career counselor in the education field.
Application Support : your application for all major entrance exams and college admission forms will be door delivered at no extra cost. You just need to pay the actual cost of the application printed in the application form.
On-line Test : You will be given an unique user ID. You can create your own test on any subject/chapter according to your time convenient. Result will be published immediately after the last answer submitted. Your performance will be displayed in chart.
Ask & Answer : This facility is given to students on their login. Students among themselves can ask and get answer from any other user of THE MASTER network. This helps students to get their doubts cleared instantly. Misuse and unnecessary chat on this will be barred from the use of this feature.
Workshop : Workshop training at topmost institution in Chennai will be facilitated to you. This helps the students to improve their IQ. It will give exposure to many technical issues.
Memory Chart : You will be provided a memory chart. It will be available to your login ID in PDF and also it can be had from THE MASTER office. Memory chart helps you to quick review of important key words.
One To One Discussion : One-on-one discussion is an exceptionally effective approach to instruction and most students, educators, and parents would agree that the ideal academic environment consists of one-on-one discussion, customized to the needs of the student. This type of individual attention allows for a high level of quality interaction between the teacher, parent and the student. One to one discussion will be followed after the test.

Our Mission

  • Located in heart of the city
  • High Profile Professionals
  • Competitive Atmosphere
  • Individual Attention
  • Class Room Ambiance
  • Best Study Materials


Doubt Clearing Classes
Classroom Test Series
Information Update
Career Counseling
Application Support
Online Test
Ask & Answer
Memory Chart
One To One Discussion